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Do you want more out of what you ride? Who doesn’t? Here at Hi Pro Motors we have a passion for making top performance machines. We offer many solutions for your mechanical needs.

  • Suspension (rebuilds, upgrades, tuning, dampeners)
  • Air/Intake (upgrades, cool air intake, ram air systems)
  • Fuel (system mapping, carburetor jetting)
  • Engine Overhauling ( bore, stroke, cams, pistons, valves, port/polish)
  • Exhaust (full systems, Slip on)
  • Brake  (system upgrades, oversized rotors, steel braided brake lines)
  • Tires (performance DOT, track DOT, full race slicks)
  • Weight Loss & Distribution (removal or centering of existing parts, lightweight parts, carbon fiber/fiberglass)
  • Drag reductions (race plastics, windscreens, rear seat cowl)
  • Race Prep (track day/race day preparation for many racing organizations) 
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